Welcome all Species to the electronic space music of Man and Robot Society

Summer Solstice, 2024 - New Release!

“Asteroid Lost” is an epic musical journey from Man and Robot Society. This space opera tells the story of the Nekropol, a mighty starship on a cosmic quest for nascent sentient beings. The album is produced on limited edition 140 gram vinyl, featuring artwork from legendary artists David Hardy and Bruce Pennington. It’s a spiritual space voyage produced by Greece’s premiere record label, SoundEffect Records. In a fitting planetary tribute, the album is to be released on 2024’s summer solstice, June 21st.

“Asteroid Lost” is the second album from Man and Robot Society produced by Sound Effect Records, following their 2018 release "Robosapien" which was a lush, all-synth electronic album with a theme centered around the merging of man and robot technology. It was described as an electron’s trip down the lanes of an ARP circuit board by Cave Magazine.

“Asteroid Lost” continues the heavy electronic sounds of its predecessor but expands the musical palette with live rock drums and tastefully placed electric and acoustic guitars and grand pianos. This progression in sound showcases the group’s versatility and evolution in their musical journey. "Asteroid Lost" features 9 new songs that are a unique blend of electronic, rock, prog and ambient music that takes listeners on a journey through time and space.

Robosapien  (black vinyl)


Robosapien (clear vinyl)